Starting with the ‘suspended corkscrews’ and some nomenclature, visitors can admire simple ‘T-shaped’ tools made of wood, iron, aluminium, brass, bone, horn, ebony, mother-of-pearl, bronze, ivory, silver, tortoiseshell… Then they will discover the era of levers, screws and complexmechanisms, like the one based on a double screw, one clockwise and the other anticlockwise, mounted on the axis of the corkscrew body.

In the 19 sections of the museum the visitors have the chance to see decorative and figurative corkscrews, alongside of pocket instruments, advertising corkscrews, multi-purpose tools, with animal themes and erotic subjects. A section of the museum is devoted to precious miniature corkscrews for opening phials of perfume or medicaments: they were commissioned to the best artisans and goldsmiths by noble people and clergymen, who often also wanted their coat of arms or the initials of their name carved on them.

The didactic approach of the exhibit (all the panels are in Italian, English and German) is combined with a spectacular setting that brings out the beauty of the old corkscrews through careful lighting, old pictures and curiosities. A special section is dedicated to antique postcards with the corkscrew as their main subject.

History of the corkscrews

Storia del cavatappi





The simple corkscrews with “T” shape



The simple mechanism corkscrews

A meccanismo semplice


The mechanical screw corkscrews

Meccanici a vite


Mechanical single and double-levered corkscrews

A leva singola e due leve


The mechanical corkscrews with compound levers

A leve composte


The rack and cogwheel corkscrews

A pignone e cremagliera


Decorative corkscrews



Figurative corkscrews



Precious corkscrews



Miniature corkscrews

In miniatura


Bar corkscrews and Champagne corkscrews

Cavatappi da banco


Pocket corkscrews



The clown, two girls and the waiter

Il clown, le ragazze e il cameriere


Knife and corkscrew

Il clown, le ragazze e il cameriere


Multi-purpose tools

Il clown, le ragazze e il cameriere


Corkcrews with animal theme

A tema animale


Advertising corkscrews



Modern corkscrews



Antique postcards

Cartoline d'epoca