Events at the museum

“Romano Levi in 100 bottles” - exhibition of 100 bottles of grappa with hand-painted labels by Romano Levi

The exhibition of grappa bottles by Romano Levi, part of the Griva collection, has been totally renovated though the introduction of 100 different bottles, among which many are true rarities. On top of picturesque labels with the “Wild Woman” dating back to Levi’s latest years and several imaginary landscapes of Langa, there are also some rare bottles from the 1970s, some very gentle labels with herbs by Levi’s sister Lidia and a series with animals as main subject. In special evidence an almost unique bottle from the 1960s, a rare bottle from 1983 made for the Grinzane Cavour Prize, one very rare from 1983 bottled to celebrate the “Twelve Sun” prize received by Levi from Luigi Veronelli, one very “hot” bottled in 1972 with 70° alcohol… but the funniest and most curious is definitely the one devoted to the “Men’s Day” on 2 August 1989.

All these bottles will be on display at the Corkscrew Museum until the end of 2018…


Romano Levi was born on 24 November 1928. Fatherless since the age of 5, after his mother’s death when he was 17, he started distilling grappa with his sister Lidia’s help. That would be his job for the rest of his life.

My father died in 1933 and it is as if I never knew him. I was 5 and my lungs had barely had time to discover the scent of grappa and my eyes had not seen but a few carriages crossing our courtyard yet. The alembic was the heritage that my father left us. When he died, the distillery passed to my mother, who was killed during a bomb attack soon afterwards. I was 17 and I had to start running the business myself. When I started I thought “this will just be a temporary job for me”.




“PROFUME OF CORKSCREWS – The aristocracy of the corkscrew among perfumes, essences and medicines” 

Exhibition of miniature corkscrews in the Corkscrew Museum in Barolo: on display precious samples in different materials, that were reserved to the upper classes from 1600s on.